Seaflux white-label voicebot and chatbot solution

Integrate ready-to-use interactive voice and chat assistants, that will help you scale your business to newer heights. Provide excellent customer service.


Voicebots and Chatbots

In this fast-paced business world, having a competitive edge is extremely important. This benefit can be achieved through serving and addressing the needs of the customer in a hassle-free manner. With companies wanting to expand and having a clientele from across the globe, it becomes humanly difficult to serve the customer at all times. This is where AI-driven voicebots and chatbots are life saver. These human-like conversational assistants can guide the customer in a very natural and meaningful manner.

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Why use our white-label intelligent conversational assistance solution?

Build once, deploy anywhere

Once in place, the solution can be deployed at all of your portals without any hassle

Quick response time

The response time is less than a second for faster conversation

Low cost & 24x7 support

Low on operational cost and provides 24x7 customer support

Engagement insights

Insights on customer engagement is visualized in numerical format

Seaflux conversational assistants solution

Seaflux has a ready-to-use white-label solution for conversational assistance. We have pre-built voicebots and chatbots that can be deployed and integrated into your platform with ease. Switch to our AI and Natural language understanding (NLU) powered conversational solution to enhance the quality of your customer interaction and query resolution.

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Offer impeccable customer service with our voice and chat AI

Inbounded Inquiry

  • Sales inquiries from possible clients
  • Build a strong customer rapport with excellent voicebot service
  • Provide the customer with uninterrupted 24x7 support, guide them to a resolution using smart AI-voicebots
  • IT helpdesk support

Outbound Calls

  • Payment reminder calls
  • Custom relationship management calls
  • Telemarketing calls