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A Twilio based web platform to create and send customized text messages according to the campaigns created by the admin user.

Client Profile

The client has a renowned Law firm, based out of Texas, USA. He has also served as trustee and president in a locally governed Department of Education.


  1. The client wanted to send promotional text messages to its customers on a regular basis. It was a manual and tedious task to maintain consistency without error.
  2. The client also wanted to send birthday wishes on their customer's birthdays without any human intervention.
Twilio-powered campaign scheduler interface, enhancing customer relationship management and communication


  1. Seaflux created a platform using Twilio's Programmable Messaging API, where the client can create promotional campaigns with a start date and end date, during which the customers would receive text messages. The limit of text messages for each day can be set by the admin user.
  2. There can be multiple templates of SMS to choose from, created by the admin to send the message. It will randomly select a template and send the SMS to the customer.
  3. The platform also lets the user create the birthday campaign and add/import the required details of the customer, along with multiple birthday SMS templates. It will then select a template at random on the day of the customer's birthday and send the message accordingly.
  4. Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via standard 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers allows admins to send text messages from the local area code of the recipients, improving the trust amongst the customers.
  5. Admin can see the upcoming send-outs according to the campaigns and can view the report of campaigns up to the last 7 days. This helps to retarget the customers who did not open their messages and send them a different template.

Key Benefits

  1. The automation helped the client save their operation cost on sending the SMS each day by 18%.
  2. The campaigns helped the client generate 26% more business by maintaining a good relationship and regular approach to its customers.

Used technologies

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