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Smart application based on machine learning technologies, that helps consumers and service providers connect.

Client Profile

The client is a renowned company hailing from the USA, building software solutions helping consumers and service providers connect, ranging from basic service providers such as appliance repairing, home decor, and plumbing to even hiring a lawyer.


  1. There was a need for a platform where the consumers can access all the service providers at one stop as per their needs.
  2. There was no provision to minimize the loss due to the last-minute cancelation of a service by a consumer. No platform was providing a wholesome experience with all the services under one roof.
  3. The initial build was not user-friendly and wasn’t backed by emerging technologies.
App interface displaying AI/ML features for seamless user connectivity with verified service providers, ensuring trust and convenience


  1. Built all aspects of the application, from frontend to backend, and incorporated an ML-based recommendation system for a better user experience.
  2. An advanced search filter has been added for the customers to discover better appointments according to their requirements.
  3. Push notifications and SMS feature has been added for customers to get their desired service at a discounted rate, and available slots of service providers are being utilized, making it a win-win situation.
  4. Service providers get an organized view of all their appointments so they can prep beforehand for the upcoming appointments.
  5. Built a recommendation system using advanced match-making algorithms that suggest the consumer's services based on their current location, usage, and selection.

Key Benefits

  1. Optimized system architecture, and improved application performance, making the software more responsive. This helps the user with better usability.
  2. Increased geographical accuracy by as close as ~10m.
  3. Machine learning helped the consumers to get more service providers in a similar domain, and thereby get a better price estimation. 
  4. Application users increased by 34% in just a single quarter.

Used technologies

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