Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Explore blockchain-based certificates of deposit with multi-chain deployment. Our tokens are live on multiple blockchains, with ongoing updates.

Client Profile

The client is a renowned blockchain token company hailing from the USA.


  1. Traders were unable to own certificates of deposit on multiple chains with interoperability.
  2. Traders couldn’t multiply holdings over different chains.
  3. High transactions and gas fees of different chains 
Sequential process flow: Project specification, environment setup, smart contract development, testing, and deployment for multi-chain token development using blockchain technologies


  1. We set up the environment for deploying contracts for multiple chains, Truffle for Ethereum and Polygon, Rust for Solana, and Solana CLI setup.
  2. Smart contracts were written in different languages, Solidity for Ethereum and Polygon, and Rust for Solana for interoperability.
  3. Tested the deployed contracts on test networks. Ethereum contract was tested on Ropsten, while Polygon contract was tested on Mumbai Matic.
  4. Deployment of the smart contracts on respective blockchains were done.

Key Benefits

  1. Traders can now multiply their holdings over different chains. They now have the ability to have their investments distributed over multiple chains.
  2. Very low transaction and gas fees. 
  3. Traders can now get interest paid daily, and the longer they stake, the more rewards they get.

Used technologies

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