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A dynamic platform comprising multiple websites of luxury products tailored to the respective countries is migrated from on-prem & deployed with Terraform IAC.

Client Profile

The client is a leading provider of various luxury products, customized for specific countries. Content will be presented based on your country, utilizing advanced technologies for optimal performance.


  1. The client deployed each website manually and individually on-premises. The challenge of security is always one of the most prominent ones for the on-premises infrastructure. The client wanted to migrate the whole infrastructure and deploy it in AWS.
  2. The client encountered challenges in securing database credentials and storing PEM files for server connections.
  3. The client faced the issue of Scalability. Due to the sudden surge of traffic during festivities, the website would crash and be unresponsive.
Infrastructure migration, infrastructure deployment, Jenkins, e-commerce infrastructure, Terraform, Infrastructure as code


  1. Seaflux migrated & deployed the infrastructure of all the websites on AWS using Infrastructure as Code of Terraform, minimizing the deployment time, which was a time-consuming and manual process earlier. On-prem infrastructure also incurred higher operations costs for servers, networking equipment, storage systems, and backup solutions.
  2. A Magento architecture was developed to customize resources for diverse environments across all the websites. This created a task definition and EC2 service for Elastic container service deployment and implemented it seamlessly through Terraform.
  3. To improve the client's system security, Seaflux established AWS Secrets Manager for securely storing database credentials. Additionally, we set up an S3 bucket to store PEM files facilitating server connections, all managed through Terraform scripts.
  4. Seaflux analyzed the client's architecture and application to gain a thorough understanding of improving Jenkins CI/CD (Continuous integration and continuous deployment) pipeline scripts for acquiring the latest code during new deployments. Subsequently, we crafted a Jenkins file for a site-specific deployment of the latest code over the elastic container service.

Key Benefits

  1. Seaflux successfully enhanced the overall performance of the client's system by 8%, ensuring smooth object storage and retrieval processes, and used AWS Secret Manager to enhance security.
  2. Terraform scripts for Magento infrastructure facilitated centralized control for clients in provisioning various sites across different environments.

Used technologies

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