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Revolutionizing Real Estate Inspections: Mobile app that facilitates real-time site inspection & AI report generation.

Client Profile

The client is a billion dollar Inspection company located in North Carolina, USA. They are high performing roofing professionals, helping potential home buyers to provide accurate and quick inspection reports that makes buyers confident in finalizing home purchase deals.


  • Data driven algorithm to replace manual and complex inspection report generation mechanism
  • Turn around time of approx 2 days once inspection is completed and report is sent to owner
  • Some homes are closed and Inspector has to wait for Owner to arrive increasing overall inspection time
Smart mobile app: Machine learning-driven house inspection data recording & report generation. Efficient site inspections made easy


  • Seaflux designed and developed smart mobile app which helps Inspectors to capture data on the site using mobile app
  • When Inspector starts inspection, Owner gets notified and based on Google Map APIs ETA is shared with Owner
  • Photos are captured, processed and stored real time using mobile app
  • ML algorithm suggests photo labelling based on defects present in photo capture
  • As soon as inspection is completed, an ML based algorithm analyzes the findings and the Inspection report is auto generated and email is sent to the Owner
  • Real time tracking of Inspector which gives insight for scheduling inspections and helps owner to track status

Key Benefits

  • Turn around time for report is reduced from 2 business days to 4 hours
  • Auto suggestion of photo labels and inspection report generation based on ML algorithm

Used technologies

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