A fitness solution that measures biomarkers and body vitals. Based on the results, AI determines fitness program and orders daily meals for you.

Client Profile

The client is a wellness and fitness based SaaS provider and has a significant prominence in Ohio, USA.


  1. The client realized people facing health challenges stemming from the COVID-19 impact have increased, such as overweight and obesity, ongoing cardiovascular issues, and financial stress from medical expenses. The client aimed to build a platform to provide 360 health view.
  2. The client was dealing with insufficient doctor feedback and guidance, characterized by a lack of comprehensive insights into their health problems and generic suggestions such as "exercise and eat greens" without tailored advice. This has left the client seeking a more personalized meal plan to suffice the nutrients.
  3. The client wanted to provide comprehensive health optimization, encompassing personalized meal plans, adjustments to their lifestyle for enhanced well-being, a targeted exercise routine, and an exploration of potential supplement benefits, indicating their aspiration for a holistic approach to their health.
  4. The client wanted to understand why biomarkers were imbalanced, identify their root causes, and develop strategies to address these underlying issues rather than merely alleviating symptoms.
Visual representation of the AI-backed health platform's user interfaces and functionalities.


  1. Seaflux created an AI powered, holistic subscription based fitness platform that tracks the user's health in a single application and provides a personalized workout regime and meal plan by a dedicated health coach.
  2. The platform first does a health survey of the user to determine the user’s lifestyle by a questionnaire asking about the user’s details such as age, diet, exercise routine, sleep, alcohol consumption, mental state, and more. Then to determine the user’s current physical condition an at-home phlebotomy is done to withdraw the blood sample for blood examination and get the user’s biomarkers.
  3. Based on the result from the survey and blood examination, the AI recommendation system would provide a three-regime fitness program that includes a.) Meal, b.) Exercise, and c.) Lifestyle. The plan provides an understanding of each regime and its benefits to correct the biomarker imbalances with its root cause. 
  4. In any case, the result shows a vast fluctuation in the user's health condition, the AI system would assign a health coach that can provide a more personalized analysis and recommend a doctor visit if applicable. Users can opt for the health coach even if they are well to get more personalized care and resolve their queries from the experts.
  5. Now, the user knows what corrections need to be done in the body to achieve the fitness goal, and meals get ordered to the user's address every day for a month from their nearest cloud kitchen.
  6. After every month, the health survey is done with a blood sampling kit sent to the user to measure the progress and adjust the required regime and meal plan. The meals are prepared in such a manner that the vitamins and minerals requirements also get fulfilled for the user.
  7. The platform provides a mental health survey that can be taken on a daily basis to provide mood ratings for the day and every month the AI algorithm provides an overall monthly mental health analysis.

Key Benefits

  1. The platform offers convenience and accessibility from home, which leads to 98.4% customer satisfaction as per the feedback survey.
  2. The 86% of users opted for the health coach to get a more personalized approach to their health journey, which increased the quarter revenue by 6%.

Used technologies

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