Gain a competitive edge by cutting costs with predictive analytics. See how a FinTech startup reduced expenses, enforced policies & improved visibility.

Client Profile

USA based startup providing financial solutions to global organizations to manage and monitor various financial activities in a very high collaborative environment.


  • Due to remote and hybrid work environment submitting expense manually was a challenge and time consuming task leading big turnaround time for expense approval and reimbursement
  • Verifying all expenses manually against compliance and company policy always has chances of human error
  • Getting real time view of spending per employee and per department is always a challenge in creating budget and business planning
Interactive platform dashboard showcasing predictive analytics interface for cost reduction and business optimization


  • Seaflux designed scalable and modular architecture using latest technology stack and following best practices
  • System was designed with easy access on web, tablet and mobile platform so users can use system easily on the go
  • Integration with PowerBI for generating real time report having transparent view on expenses
  • Policy configuration to avoid duplicates and system check for compliance and company policy
  • Insights from reports generated using past data helps management to make planning and budgeting for future business

Key Benefits

  • Employee reimbursement turnaround time reduced by 60%
  • 80% improvement in enforcing company expense policy and compliance
  • Improved visibility using real time reporting

Used technologies

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