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Client Profile

The client is a leading organic grocery brand based in San Francisco USA who delivers fresh produce every week.


  • Client had a legacy eCommerce store for organic groceries and revenue was pretty stable for a long time. As app was created before decade client wanted to update UI/UX as per latest trends and wanted to increase cross selling of products
  • Data migration from legacy app with smooth transition to avoid any impact to existing user accounts and data
Data Science & ML-powered eCommerce app interface: Sleek design, categories, search bar & personalized recommendations for smart online shopping


  • Redesigned UI/UX based on best practices and latest industry standard to increase session duration for user
  • Redefined architecture using microservice based architecture for scalability
  • Upgraded technology stack for mobile app to Flutter and Web to ReactJs and NodeJs
  • Updated recommendation product logic with ML based algorithm to pitch right product for cross selling
  • Integration of Blockchain based payment gateway for easy purchase using cryptocurrencies
  • Migrating on-premise deployment to cloud based deployment using Kubernetes and Docker for advantages like auto scaling, speed etc.

Key Benefits

  • Increased in sales by 20% in one quarter after launch of new app
  • Increased in average user session duration by 40%

Used technologies

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