Retail & E-commerce

An E-commerce platform to buy handmade art and a digital ecosystem that allows artists to build relationships with merchants and consumers.

Client Profile

The client is a SaaS company, based out of Canada, providing an e-commerce and a digital portal for artists to sell their handmade art and support indigenous social communities.


  1. The client's infrastructure required IP whitelisting on the CloudFront for allowing access to only whitelisted regions or IPs.
  2. The client wanted to create an efficient cache policy where they could specify particular websites that can access the content of the S3 bucket along with server static assets for returning users.
  3. The client had trouble with the overall speed and responsiveness of the website, with so many texts and files being uploaded and edited on the daily basis. 
  4. The client had an issue on the website where clicking any product image would force download the image instead of directing it to the product details page.
AWS cloud infrastructure for secure and scalable art e-commerce, optimizing data management and enhancing customer interactions


  1. Seaflux created the web application firewall for the particular CloudFront distribution and attached the IP sets to the whitelist for that particular region.
  2. The S3 bucket policy was configured to allow specific sites to access the S3 content. The URLs of the specific websites can be set by the client under resources, allowing them to restrict unwanted traffic to their website. To serve static assets, we updated the configuration while adding the cache policy for the bucket.
  3. We configured the CloudFront to automatically compress all the text files getting uploaded, reducing the overall response size of the website and allowing faster loading for the users.
  4. In the AWS S3 bucket, where all the product image gets uploaded, the bucket configuration is set such that the browser identifies the image's type and doesn't treat it as an alien object.

Key Benefits

  1. Only whitelisted IPs and regions for particular distributions can access CloudFront distributions, which decreased the volume of the website's irrelevant visits by 19%.
  2. Clicking the product image on the website opened the product details page quickly, which increased sales by 14%.

Used technologies

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