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A platform that provides a marketing automation tool focused on text messages to mass communicate with your customers.

Client Profile

The client is a USA-based marketing firm focusing on inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. They have a strong presence in North Carolina.


  1. The client wanted to develop an automated campaign manager for sending out their regular promotional text messages to their customers and lessen the tedious tasks.
  2. The client also wanted an AI platform integrated to provide suggestions to its text message based on its promotional campaign.
  3. An additional database is required to maintain the huge amount of data set to send the campaign messages.
Interface and dashboard of ChatGPT-powered automation tool, enhancing efficient text communication across applications


  1. Seaflux developed the platform utilizing Twilio's Programmable Messaging API. Twilio allows users to send bulk messages in a single campaign.
  2. The solution is made such that the client can generate, automate and manage their promotional messages between the specified start and end date at the assigned time.
  3. User can design multi-step campaigns that send follow-up message based on their response that is personalized to their initial input helping in increasing engagement and response rates
  4. The platform would also provide detailed reports on the insights on how each campaign performed, how much was the success rate, how much was the dropout rate, etc.  
  5. The admin users can manage the contact list campaign-wise and send out messages to the audience according to their target segment.
  6. Seaflux also integrated ChatGPT with the solution which would provide text message suggestions to the users according to the prompt provided by them.

Key Benefits

  1. The solution helped the client to minimize their time spent on maintaining the campaigns by 34%.
  2. ChatGPT suggested content gained 15% more results than their traditional message campaign.
  3. The marketing automation tool helped the client to reach their audience in minutes which would have taken days with the traditional way. 

Used technologies

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