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A Media Maker, Carousel and Driv-Thru photo studio for car industry to take pictures of the vehicles and process them using AI, generating 360-degree HD media

Client Profile

The client is a SaaS provider for Automobile photo studio automation with 360 media viewer services and carousels, with a significant market presence of over 300 dealerships throughout the United States and Canada.


  1. The challenge for auto dealers was to present their vehicles in an interactive manner for their customers.
  2. It is a challenge for car dealers to click accurate pictures and process them manually to create perfect 360-degree car images.
  3. Buyers could not understand the actual condition of the car by viewing it in the traditional manner, which is not digitally processed.
  4. The client wanted real time data processing of high definition captured car images.
  5. Managing the database of these images has become a challenging task for the client, and wanted a software and centralized database solution for the both the corporate as well as dealers.


  1. Seaflux developed a scalable solution that utilizes Amazon Web Services to process and convert images in real time and produce high-quality 360-degree car images. The highly scalable infrastructure is developed using Kubernetes and clustering tools to accelerate the processing.
  2. The still images are processed and rendered into 360 images using AI and the platform uses TensorFlow for the same. The solution also provides Augmented Reality of the cars to get a preview of the car in their garage, developed using Google ARCore.
  3. Seaflux developed the web application using the React + Next framework, equipped with server-side rendering promoting seamless integration with the websites of the dealers.
  4. The portal provides dealers with the capability of configuring the UI segments through which 360-degree shots can be displayed in accordance with their application needs.
  5. Seaflux developed APIs that can be used to integrate dealer and corporate websites without having to worry about data storage and information pipeline management and preview the same media across both websites.
  6. The dashboard is created such that the client quickly manages the dealers and their data. Moreover, the dealers are authorized to manage their car’s images and their related data. 

Key Benefits

  1. The solution significantly improves the way car dealers present their vehicles to potential buyers to increase sales. The sales of the platform increased by 18% compared to the last year’s sales.
  2. By generating 360-degree high-definition media viewers through artificial intelligence, an interactive and immersive experience is created. This increased the adoption of the platform for more than 300 car dealers across the US and Canada.
  3. The solution completely replaces the manual process of capturing and processing vehicle images for the website. The platform automates this process in real time, reducing the time to market by 92%.

Used technologies

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