A direct contribution to support for artists like singers and musicians with NFT tokens received in exchange.

Client Profile

The Client has an entertainment firm based out of Texas, USA. He has served as an instructor in a famous art school. The client has also served in top management in the SAAS medical industry.


  1. Many artists from the USA region were getting underpaid for what they were delivering to the audience which made artists' lives struggle.
  2. Clients also noticed subscribers and users who are fans of artists after paying are not getting any benefits which resulted in a lack of interest and damaged artist earnings as well.
  3. Clients also faced difficulties as there was no platform available where Artists like musicians and singers where they can post directly about their live music projects and their users can see that.
Process diagram of blockchain-based music merchandise platform, enabling secure and transparent transactions for artists and fans


  1. Seaflux provided a Blockchain solution “Flow” to the client, which helps to build and generate support for next-generation artists and gamers. It helps artists to earn, who are underpaid. The artists get 90% of their earnings directly to their bank account which users give to them.
  2. The platform allows you to support your favorite artist, using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a credit card in less than a minute, and in return, the supporter receives an NFT of the artist or merchandise. These NFTs are in form of a multimedia 3D card containing an image or a video of their Live Concert.
  3. The platform allows you to create the artist’s public profile for fans, where they can post about NFT which they collect on social media, and can also encourage their network to join the community which will eventually lead to the support of Artists.
  4. PostgreSQL is primarily used for storing the Data of Artists who sign up on the platform as well as of users who give tips to Artists as a whole community.
  5. Seaflux used GCP to deploy the platform’s frontend and store the images and videos that are being used as the giveaway NFT. GCP cloud function was used to host Node APIs. All the backend tasks are being performed by LoopBack (NodeJS framework).
  6. All the 3D multimedia cards are rendered by PlayCanvas and then minted via Flow Blockchain. These cards can be viewed on the platform in full screen with audio.

Key Benefits

  1. With the help of Seaflux, the client was able to create a community that helped him to connect struggling underpaid artists and users on the same platform.
  2. 10% of earnings go to the client’s bank account whenever a user tips an artist, which helps the client in generating revenue through the platform.
  3. With the use of flow Blockchain client was able to save cost & energy as it is an energy-efficient Blockchain product.

Used technologies

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