Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Share life's crucial data safely using our Blockchain platform and enjoy hassle-free data management. Join the future of secure information exchange!

Client Profile

The client is a leading InsurTech company located in Austin, Texas. They have formed partnerships with leading insurance companies to facilitate individuals to consolidate their insurance specific data.


  • Product data contains very critical and financial information which needs to be managed in a highly secured environment for the product to store, retrieve and maintain information
  • High availability and ease of data access in case of critical times to access relevant information
Securely share vital info with blockchain app. User interface displays logged-in user viewing their personal data


  • Created a Permissioned Blockchain based web and mobile applications for the users to share sensitive life information with loved ones easily
  • User can share what information they want with whom and at what time
  • All information are stored in Blockchain based secure decentralized system
  • Easy access to shared information in case any unforeseen happens in life
  • Users can manage information like bank and retirement accounts, life and health insurance details, health care contact details and medication
  • AWS based cloud deployment for high availability and reliability of data

Key Benefits

  • 99.99% system availability built on cloud using highly resilient system
  • Easy access to life’s critical information at fingertips

Used technologies

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