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Blockchain-based data collection of the supply chain for verifying the source, quality of milk, and traceability from dispatch to delivery.

Client Profile

The client is from the food and manufacturing industry, with their forte in the production of milk-based products.


  • As milk is a perishable item and its quality makes it to the news when it comes to any kind of infection.
  • Lack of trust is there amongst the consumers when it comes to adulteration due to insufficient regulatory compliance rules.
Diagram showcasing data collection at various supply chain points, securely stored in the blockchain for enhanced transparency and traceability


  • The data is manually fed at all the supply chain points, from farmers to customers, about the quality & quantity of milk, location of milk transfer, and date/time.
  • Similarly, the recorded data from all the centers are accumulated in AWS and stored in the blockchain for authenticity.
  • Now, at the processing plants, new product-specific details are maintained according to the products that are manufactured, and respective data is recorded in the blockchain.
  • Before the final product is left from the facility, a code is printed on each package according to the product. Scanning this QR code will provide the metadata of the product, showing the supply chain journey of the product from dispatch to delivery.
  • Consumers can simply scan the QR code from their smartphone to access digital information.

Key Benefits

  • Delivery time is reduced by as much as 25% due to analyzing quantitative data collected on Blockchain and making appropriate management changes.
  • Providing a value chain in real-time with the recorded journey of milk from cow to mug.
  • Verify and audit the data with every actor involved in the milk journey that provides transparency and accountability, building trust for the brand.

Used technologies

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