Cloud based management solution to manage the firm’s cases and customers in a single platform using AWS cloud provider.

Client Profile

The client is one of the most renowned Software as a Service (SaaS) providers operating in the Gulf region focused on solutions for law firms.


  1. Our client, the law firm, relied on individual lawyers for the case information, updated in a hard or soft copy, which the firm is working on, and wanted a solution that would provide the same as soon as updated. Moreover, the data should be shared manually with all the stakeholders from the lawyers to the clients and firms of the particular case.
  2. The firm relied on the hard copy distribution of the case details to the lawyers and the stakeholders, which is inefficient and time-consuming, and needs a solution for the same.
  3. The lawyers handle multiple clients, posing a challenge in maintaining the confidentiality of each case and ensuring quality service.
  4. Due to the company's multiple lawyers and clients, it becomes arduous to manually handle and organize all the necessary details in a hard copy format. Moreover, if the case details are lost, it can be very hard to get the proofs back.
  5. The lawyers handle multiple clients and meet them on a regular basis, and it is quite difficult to manage all these events. The client wanted a  system that would allow lawyers to manage their events and set reminders according to these events. Moreover, they need to manually generate bills for each client based on the service provided.
  6. The client faces the challenge of daily task management for the lawyers and the staff and required a task management solution for tracking them.
  7. The client wanted to manage the data of all the court sessions for each case in a systematic and secure manner.
AWS Law Firm Case Management Provides a User-Friendly Interface for Easy Case Handling and Safe Data Storage.


  1. Seaflux created a centralized AWS based web platform for the lawyer, client, and staff to manage all their case details that can be shared with all the stakeholders in real time.
  2. The solution automatically generates the bill to the customer based on the hours submitted to their case, which the customer can cross-check to get the justification for the bill generated. They can pay the bill from the same portal or raise a query if they have any.
  3. The portal is equipped with a calendar that helps all the stakeholders to plan and manage their schedules and reminds them about upcoming events.
  4. The portal allows creating tasks for the lawyers and the staff to manage their daily tasks and also to track their progress with the case.
  5. The portal has role-based access allowing each role with certain features and access. For example, in a case, lawyers can add and edit details. However, the client can only view these details and can't alter them.
  6. The firm (super admin access) has the authority to access all the details of all the users on the portal and retrieve any deleted files or details by the user within 7 days of the deletion.
  7. Each case has court sessions that contain the details discussed in it. These details can be added under the respective session like the plea, lawsuit, reasons, verdict, and note. Once these details are added, they have a time frame of 30 minutes to alter any mistakes, after which it becomes non-editable making it a secured data. 

Key Benefits

  1. As the billing is now automatic and online, the bill payments started happening on time without any delays and the cash flow increased by 7%.
  2. As all the details are now online and accessed by the concerned parties, the possibility of lost evidence has decreased by 29%.
  3. The reliability of the data has increased as the data cannot be altered by any third party or person.

Used technologies

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