An AI-based doctor consultation platform on AWS that connects patients with licensed doctors for remote consultations and orders medications for the patient.

Client Profile

The client is a SaaS provider based out of the USA with service offerings in the USA and Canada.


  1. The client realized there was a need for a centralized healthcare consultation system powered by AI and integrated with a range of services like doctor consultation, disease diagnosis, and delivering medicines to the patient.
  2. There should be an AI system to diagnose the disease of the patient using AI from the patient's symptoms and send the report to the concerned doctor.
  3. The client wanted patients from around the world to connect with any doctor worldwide for a telehealth system consultation. They should be able to connect via a video call or chat with the doctor.
aws, healthcare platform, finding a doctor online, online doctor consultation, medication online


  1. Seaflux developed an AI-powered telemedicine platform that enables remote consultations between doctors and patients. This platform provides a convenient and accessible way for patients to receive medical advice and treatment without the need for physical appointments.
  2. Platform prioritizes privacy and security by implementing robust encryption and data protection measures to ensure patient confidentiality and compliance with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA.
  3. OpenAI's NLP models have been applied to assist with tasks such as medical documentation, patient communication, and clinical decision-making.
  4. We integrated Stripe as a payment partner where doctors would set their profile and receive a payout from the patient for their consultation services.
  5. The doctors get the option to set up slots for consultation according to the different time zones.
  6. Zoom meeting was integrated with the platform for the video call and chat feature so that doctors and patients could communicate.
  7. If the doctor needs any physical examination or tests to be done, he can provide an appointment to the patient if he's nearby, or recommend another doctor for the patient.

Key Benefits

  1. The platform has more than 1,500,000 healthcare consultants including doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and more.
  2. Being able to consult at your convenient time and place allowed more patients to register for the platform. It had more than 15k users in the first quarter after the launch.
  3. The time between a patient detecting abnormality and the actual consultation has reduced by 21%.
  4. Due to the availability of a patient's medical history, doctors were able to provide more accurate consultations.

Used technologies

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