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An AI-powered platform for tenant-landlord relations for property management. Comprehensive screening, searching, and secure transactions with lease management.

Client Profile

The Client is a SaaS provider for the Real Estate industry, based out of Canada, bridging the gap between Landlords and Tenants for the last 7 years.


  1. The client realized that there was a major gap between the Landlords and Tenants because of the long process for property rentals and required a solution, where landlords can directly, or with an agent, have one-on-one conversations with verified tenants.
  2. The client also realized, that due to this long process, there was potential revenue loss due to prolonged periods of unoccupied units.
  3. The time period between the listing of a property and the lease agreement was also a concern that the client wanted to reduce with digitization.
  4. Manual lease management processes added to landlords' workload and were prone to errors, leading to administrative inefficiencies and increased risk of lease-related issues.
  5. The client wanted a platform where tenants also could collaborate and lease out a shared property together without any hassle.
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  1. Seaflux developed an AI-enabled collaborative platform, where the tenants, landlords, and even agents could collaborate on property listings.
  2. Every member had to register themselves, and a member would be added after a proper background verification of the individual for better and transparent communication. This would lead to building trust between all the parties involved in a property listing.
  3. Tenants can easily find suitable rentals and showcase their profiles to landlords, enhancing their chances of securing housing.
  4. Seaflux developed automated, intelligent screening solutions and credit checks of tenants for landlords to choose reliable tenants.
  5. A Live Chat feature is developed for all the parties to have a meaningful conversation before signing the lease agreement.
  6. The lease agreement could also be created online on the platform itself, with the agreed clause between both parties, eliminating the hassle of manual paperwork and maintaining track records of leasing and online transactions of the rent.
  7. Using AI, the descriptions of the listings would be auto-generated with the help of the images and property data uploaded on the platform for a property listing.

Key Benefits

  1. The platform reduced the time period between a property listing and a lease agreement by 19% according to industry standards.
  2. Considering a few previous months, the rental property has increased with the introduction of the platform, with more than 70% of the property being rented out within a month of its listing.
  3. Integrated online transaction and lease management helped transparent communication leading to a higher lease time period without any defaults.

Used technologies

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