Blockchain based secondary market for trading tokens and NFTs, enabling users to trade, and issuers to crowdfund in a cryptocurrency format.

Client Profile

The client is a FinTech company based out of Switzerland, doing innovative work in the domains of aligning FinTech and blockchain technology, paving the way for DeFi.


  1. Existing investment opportunities and exchanges are centralized and governed by a central body. The client wanted to create a platform for decentralized exchanges.
  2. There wasn’t an option for companies to crowdfund and bring in investors via the exchange of tokens.
  3. Investors could only invest in a company only on the stock market and not via any cryptocurrency format.
Platform interface displaying blockchain-based secondary market for token trading and STO, enabling secure and efficient digital asset exchange


  1. Created and managed the smart contracts for tokens and NFTs on the EOS platform.
  2. Created a secondary market for trading tokens using the EOS blockchain.
  3. Incorporated ML algorithms and trained a model for KYC authentication to help justify the authenticity of the user.
  4. Built a platform for security tokens exchange amongst the retail and institutional investors, allowing peer-to-peer trading without the counterparty risk using Blockchain.

Key Benefits

  1. Decentralization and smart contracts streamlined the crowdfunding process and increased efficiency. 
  2. Investors increased by a whopping 41% in a year, with the increase in retainment.
  3. The use of full-proof digital smart contracts helped increase security by making them immutable.

Used technologies

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