Efficient Infrastructure Migration in Azure DevOps & Kubernetes: Lower Costs, Unified Management. CI/CD Implemented for Multiple Portals.

Client Profile

The client is a Swiss multinational mid- and downstream oil company with a presence across the world. They are one of the global market leaders in the sourcing and supply of bitumen.


  1. The client was facing trouble maintaining multiple different portals and wanted to migrate them into a single container with higher speed, reliability, scalability, and security.
  2. They were using Postgres version 10 and needed the upgrade to the latest version 12 for better indexing and partitioning performance.
  3. The client also wanted multiple automation pipelines for deploying future updates.
Process diagram of Azure Kubernetes & DevOps' Infrastructure as Code implementation, showcasing automated deployment and configuration management


  1. Seaflux developed the container and migrated all portals in the container environment using Azure Kubernetes & Docker. 
  2. Microservice architecture has been implemented for making the portals more flexible and enables quicker updates.
  3. The Postgre database is migrated from version 10 to 12 in the Azure database. Postgre database flexi server is used in version 12 for its multiple-region availability, B-Tree indexing, and declarative partitioning performance.
  4. Multiple CI/CD pipelines have been created on Azure DevOps for automatic future updates.
  5. DMS was transferred to Azure BLOB from on-premises, to get a more optimized tiered storage providing flexible scale-up for high-performance computing.

Key Benefits

  1. Deploying containers and Postgres flexi server environment ensures a low risk of downtime for the database and the environment.
  2. Using the container and Azure BLOB, the overall cost of maintenance was reduced by 21%.
  3. The operational efficiencies have been increased by 19% by migrating the value chain of the business like communications, logistics, and operations in the containers.

Used technologies

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