An AI platform for individual music artists that helps them generate metadata for their singles and help them upload on the Spotify app.

Client Profile

The client is a well-known music artist from the USA, who is popular for his songs on Pop and Rock music Genres.


  1. The client faced the challenge that the individual artists didn't get much support for creating their songs' data like mood, genre, and more.
  2. The client wanted to create an AI solution that would create metadata based on the song uploaded. It should be able to make out the lyrics of the song, and based on that, the metadata must be generated.
  3. The client also wanted an AI-generated summary pitch and song cover photo that could be used to upload the song on the Spotify Music Application.
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  1. Seaflux developed an AI solution using the GPT-4 Turbo model for accurate and relevant data generation.
  2. The song would be uploaded on the platform and using the Whisper AI by Open AI, the lyrics would get separated and fed to the GPT-4 Turbo model to generate the song title, mood, theme, genre, and sub-genre.
  3. Using these generated metadata for the song, a Spotify Pitch and four image prompts would be generated for uploading the song.
  4. Four image prompts generated for DALL-E would also provide a range of images to choose from.
  5.  The user can also provide a different/modified prompt for the Title and the Spotify pitch that would generate an appropriate result.
  6. The platform provides detailed analytics and metadata for songs uploaded by users. This feature helps them understand trends, user preferences, and the performance of their content, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance engagement and growth.

Key Benefits

  1. The platform had a total signup of 30k+ in the first quarter of the launch
  2. The platform helped more than 10k artists, which increased the number of singles/albums on the Spotify app.

Used technologies

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