A subscription-based and AI-enabled centralized 360º learning platform for educational institutions, bringing teaching and learning together.

Client Profile

The client is based out of the USA with experienced professionals from the tech giants of silicon valley. They are the leading platform in the Edtech sector, developing mobile and cloud first solutions.


  1. The client needed a comprehensive collaboration platform where teachers and students could interact for academic purposes.
  2. The client wanted to have all the courses, quizzes, and attendance in the same application.
  3. The client wanted to predict the subjects and areas, in which the students need to focus more based on their performances and attendance.
Interface of the AI-enabled classroom academic platform, showcasing user-friendly design and collaborative features for seamless student-teacher interactions


  1. Seaflux developed two app portals where teachers and students can interact and collaborate. One portal for teachers and one for students.
  2. The teacher portal allows the teachers to create all the courses according to the curriculum of the institute, and the students could enroll. Teachers can determine the day-wise sessions of the course and conduct them.
  3. Teachers would be able to take & quizzes, solve doubts, and share notes according to the session. Teachers can view the individual performance reports of each student and schedule an individual parent-teacher conference for personalized attention.
  4. Logging into the student portal allows students to enroll in the courses of their institute and attend the same. Students can view their past, present, and future sessions and view their reports and prediction.
  5. Seaflux also integrated an automatic attendance system using a beacon. Now whenever the student enters the classroom, his/her attendance is marked present for that lecture. It works by sensing the custom-made app in the student’s mobile phone in close proximity. Teachers can review the attendance in case there has been an error.
  6. Seaflux trained an ML model, using K-nearest and Random forest, from the data collected throughout the United States students, to predict the areas for the students to focus. The ML model was trained to visualize the performance indicators that would show learning improvements and academic success.
  7. A note option is provided for the students to give a note of absence or late coming with a reason, and the concerned teacher can reply with permission or chat if required.

Key Benefits

  1. Being the first mobile and cloud platform, it has the most institutes as a user base, covering more than 30% of the market.
  2. The AI helped the students know their weak areas, and this helped the teachers and students focus more on those areas. This USP helped the platform to adopt more over all the institutes.

Used technologies

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