NFT Marketplace

Whether you’re a tech-geek or someone with no background in the technology world, the chances are high that in recent times you must have encountered the term NFTs. Non-fungible-token and the place where these are traded is called NFT marketplace. You can buy stocks of companies in a share market. Similarly, you can buy NFTs here. However, there is one difference, and the currency here is cryptocurrency. As per Forbes, the NFT market cap has increased by more than 1700% in 2021 and is expected to reach more than $80Bn in 2025.

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Why use our white-label NFT marketplace?

Reduces your time-to-market

Having it pre-built, you can deploy into the digital market faster with your brand name.

Cost effective

White-label solutions reduces overall purchase price, and we provide seamless maintenance services post-deployment, reducing Total cost of ownership (TCO)

Customized development

Seaflux white-label NFT marketplace is completely customizable, and can incorporate all the customer requirements.

Highly secure

Our solution is highly secured, built on the latest blockchain technologies where the transaction details cannot be manipulated by any external parties as they are decentralized.

Seaflux NFT marketplace solution

Seaflux has a ready-to-use white-label NFT marketplace solution that you can leverage to launch your own NFT marketplace. Having it pre-built, you can deploy it into the digital market quickly and hassle free. Our highly skilled team can easily incorporate and handle the customizations you need for your NFT marketplace.

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Features of our NFT marketplace

Create NFTs

Users can create their own NFTs after integrating with a crypto-wallet.

Filtered browsing

Browse for NFT by category specific browsing like art, collectible, music, domain name, photography and sport.

Create collections

Create, curate, and manage collections of unique NFTs to share and sell.

Integrated digital wallets

Supports and integrates various digital wallets like Metamask, PhantomJS, and many more. Having multiple wallet options gives users the freedom to opt from various payment options available.