Scaling up Your Business With Our Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration involves moving workloads and data to public, private, or hybrid cloud platforms to leverage the benefits of scalability, agility, cost-efficiency, and flexibility offered by cloud computing. A unique, agile, sustainable, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure is what makes a business grow with minimum customer downtime. Migrating to cloud infrastructure from your legacy system at the earliest is just the initial step, a lot more is to be done to achieve such a stable and resilient infrastructure. It would require a multi-cloud strategy to leverage all the cloud providers' services for the best mix and outcome. Each cloud infrastructure to be migrated would be designed to handle specific tasks at high performance and scale. We have expertise in AWS cloud migration strategy being the consulting partners of AWS, that would be planned such that available resources would be utilized to match the demand, ensuring optimum operation from the start.

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Seaflux Cloud Migration Services: The transition from legacy systems to a scalable and resilient cloud infrastructure.
Seaflux Technologies offers expertise in database migration, Snowmobile, Google Cloud Application Migration Service, Azure Migrate, Snowball Edge, Server Migration Service, Snowball, and Snowcone for efficient cloud migrations.

Our Expertise

Seaflux specializes in assisting organizations in transitioning their applications, data, and infrastructure from on-premises or legacy systems to cloud-based environments.

Seaflux ensures a cost-effective infrastructure with minimal to no disruption to your business while migrating. Cloud providers like AWS (Select Consulting Partner), GCP, IBM, and Azure have their unique capabilities, and Seaflux would leverage them to get the best infrastructure your business would require. Even our cloud native solution, customized for your business would provide efficient infrastructure with reduced downtime. Our experts are highly qualified to provide a flexible and customized migration, tailored for your specific business needs.

We offer the following service areas:

  • Cloud readiness assessment to evaluate factors such as application dependencies, security requirements, performance considerations, and compliance needs.
  • Developing a comprehensive migration strategy and roadmap tailored to the client's specific requirements.
  • Designing the cloud architecture that aligns with the client's business goals and requirements.
  • Assisting in the migration of applications from on-premises or legacy systems to the cloud.
  • Managing the migration of data from on-premises databases, file systems, or data warehouses to the cloud.
  • Assisting in the migration of infrastructure components such as servers, virtual machines, storage systems, and networking configurations to the cloud.
  • Conducting rigorous testing and validation of the migrated systems, applications, and data to ensure they perform as expected in the cloud environment.
  • Providing ongoing support after the migration is complete to ensure the client's cloud environment operates smoothly.
  • Assisting clients in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and security best practices in the cloud environment.
AWS Server Migration Service (SMS)Azure MigrateGoogle Cloud Migrate for Compute Engine

How can Seaflux help you in Cloud Migration?

Expert Assessment and Comprehensive Planning for Your Migration Strategy

Assessment and Planning

A detailed migration plan including migration strategy, timelines, resource allocation, and considerations for minimizing downtime.

Careful Deployment and Smooth Transition to Minimize Business Disruption

Deployment and Cut-Over

Closely monitoring the migration process, and ensuring minimal disruption to business operations.

Strategic Architecture Design for Efficient Scalability and Reliability

Architecture Design

Least infrastructure management with on-demand scaling, high availability, and fault tolerance

Ongoing Post-Migration Support and Optimization to Address Challenges and Enhance Performance

Post-Migration Support

Fine-tuning the cloud environment, and providing ongoing support to address any post-migration challenges.

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