Increase your business's working capital with multi cloud cost management

A dollar saved is a dollar earned. As organizations increasingly leverage cloud services, it becomes essential to manage cloud costs to ensure cost efficiency and prevent unexpected expenditures. Cloud cost management involves checking the cost centric areas in the cloud, like storage, traffic, & memory, and optimizing them to reduce unnecessary spending. In a decentralized system, employees having permission to create new instances and no one to supervise could lead to a very messy situation, with hundreds of dollars being spent unnecessarily. The situation can be tackled with cloud cost management by optimizing all your multi cloud events in a centralized manner. Some hidden reasons like unused VMs, data transfer costs, excessive API calls, and more can impact the cost heavily. A cloud cost management solution strategy in place would bring down your spending which would save you a fortune in the long run.

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Managing multi-cloud cost efficiency with Seaflux Technologies for increased working capital.
Seaflux Technologies' expertise in multi-cloud cost management, AWS, GCP, Azure, and cost optimization strategies.

Our Expertise

Seaflux has experience in dealing with multi-cloud environments, from AWS and GCP to Azure, with all the pricing structures. Being the AWS partners, our experts are well acquainted with AWS pricing like AWS Lambda pricing: pay-as-you-go, subscription-based, reserved instances, and spot instances. We make sure to follow best practices for cost optimization like rightsizing, utilizing reserved instances or savings plans for predictable workloads, and leveraging spot instances for non-critical or time-flexible workloads. Additionally, optimizing storage by archiving or deleting unused data and implementing data transfer strategies to reduce costs. Our experts would regularly review and adjust budgets, based on actual usage and business needs, to prevent cost overruns and provide better financial control.

We offer the following service areas:

  • Conducting cloud cost assessment of the client's existing cloud infrastructure and expenditure to identify areas of potential cost savings and optimization opportunities.
  • Developing a customized cost optimization strategy based on the client's specific requirements and objectives.
  • Implementing tools and processes to monitor and track cloud resource usage and costs in real time. Assisting clients in setting up budget thresholds and creating a comprehensive budgeting plan for their cloud usage
  • Establishing mechanisms and strategies for accurate cost allocation and accountability within the client's organization
  • Providing ongoing support and monitoring to ensure that the client's cloud environment remains optimized for cost efficiency.
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How can Seaflux help you in Cloud Cost Management?

Expertise in cost optimization tools and automation.

Cost Optimization Tools and Automation

Implementing cost management tools to automate cost optimization processes

Guidance on cost governance policies, processes, and best practices.

Cost Governance and Best Practices

Advising on cost governance policies, processes, and best practices

Commitment to training and educating clients for cost optimization.

Training and Education

Empowering with the knowledge and skills to effectively optimize their costs independently

Compute optimizer for EC2 instance cost optimization.

Compute Optimizer

Analyzing historical usage patterns to provide recommendations for right-sizing and optimizing EC2 instance types and sizes for cost efficiency.

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