Cloud Automation Solutions to Reduce Infrastructure Management Overhead

With the growing number of users and customers each day, the IT burden has also taken its toll, and applying 'automation' has become inevitable in every organization. Managing cloud based IT processes requires valuable time, money, and resources which hinders business operations from functioning at its fullest. Cloud computing services have already lessened the operational burden of organizations to a great extent, however, as the companies grew in size, maintaining these cloud infrastructures became a challenge in itself. So cloud automation services have emerged to help with these burdens in the long run. Cloud automation leverages the technology to automate all repetitive tasks alongside the installation, configuration, and maintenance of any infrastructure. These tasks can be auto provisioning instances to fulfil scaling requirements or identifying and stopping unused and irrelevant instances.

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Seaflux Cloud Automation Solutions - Streamlining Infrastructure Management and Enhancing Efficiency
Seaflux Cloud Automation Service Expertise: Terraform, Cloudformation, CI/CD, Monitoring, Auto-scaling, and More

Our Expertise

Seaflux's cloud automation service would enable you to identify and automate the processes of managing all your cloud resources with ease, eliminating all the manual work required to manage the massive cloud infrastructure. Seaflux has partnered with AWS ( Select Consulting Partner )and other leading cloud providers to cater to the client's requirements from auto-scaling to auto backups, and auto-provisioning. Our clients, for cloud automation, range from various industries like Real Estate, Manufacturing, FinTech, and more.

We offer the following service areas:

  • Provisioning and deployment of cloud resources via Terraform, Cloudformation
  • Configuration management and automation
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines
  • Monitoring and alerting configuration
  • Auto-scaling and load balancing
  • Infrastructure as code (IaC) management
  • Backup and disaster recovery automation
  • Security and compliance automation
  • Performance optimization and tuning
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How can Seaflux help you in Cloud Automation?

Streamline operations with Infrastructure Automation.

Infrastructure Automation

Deploy infrastructure resources programmatically using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) frameworks like AWS CloudFormation, Terraform etc

Seamlessly automate application deployments.

Application Deployment Automation

Implementing CI/CD pipelines using tools like Jenkins, Github, or AWS CodePipeline to automate application build, testing, and deployment processes.

Enhance data processing with Data Pipelines and ETL Automation.

Data Pipelines and ETL Automation

Designing and implementing automated data pipelines and ETL processes

Simplify complex tasks and processes with Orchestration and Workflow Automation.

Orchestration and Workflow Automation

Developing workflows and orchestrating complex tasks and processes in the cloud environment.

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