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Over the past decade, planning, estimation, procurement, deployment, and maintenance of on-premise infrastructure has shifted majorly to cloud setup. This eliminated some of the steps like procurement and maintenance, making other steps like estimation, planning, and deployment much easier. Starting from small websites to enterprise solutions, cloud has played an important role in the areas like automation, security, compliance, and many more. Cloud has become more cost-effective and time-saving over the years.

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Seaflux's expertise in enabling businesses to migrate to the cloud for enhanced efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness.
Cloud Technologies and Services Expertise: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, DNS Management, PaaS, SaaS, DevOps, Kubernetes, Docker, Microservices, Serverless.

Our Expertise

With Seaflux’s experience and expertise in cloud consulting with various cloud providers like AWS(Select Consulting Partner), Google Cloud, Azure, IBM, etc., upscale or downscale your infrastructure in real-time as per your business needs.

We specialize in proficient containerization of applications, emphasizing expertise in Kubernetes deployment, Docker implementation, AWS serverless architecture, seamless cloud migration, and comprehensive CI/CD pipeline integration. Our skilled team ensures deployment and scalability for your cloud infrastructure, making us your go-to partner for Kubernetes deployment, Docker solutions, AWS serverless expertise, and efficient cloud migration.

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Our Partners

IBM - Silver Business Partner
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Where can Seaflux help you for your next cloud computing services requirement?

Data Migration: Seamlessly migrate your data from on-premise setup to cloud with Seaflux's Cloud Computing Services.
Native Solution: Develop fast and scalable cloud native applications with Seaflux's Cloud Computing Services.
Cloud Automation: Automate the building, modification, and deletion of cloud resources with Seaflux's Cloud Computing Services.
Cost Optimization: Optimize your infrastructure costs effectively with Seaflux's Cloud Computing Services.

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15+ years of experience in managing cloud services
AWS-certified team members
Helped 50+ businesses to shift from on-premise to cloud
We follow agility to refine and optimize at each step
Reduce time to market and focus on your business goals
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