Preferred Skills

At least 2 years’ experience with: JavaScript(NodeJS) and/or Python

Design and implementation of the overall web architecture

Database design and management, including being up on the latest practices and associated versions

Ensuring the entire stack is designed and built for speed and scalability

Design and construction of REST API

Integrating our front-end UI with the constructed API

Design and implementation of continuous integration and deployment

Write modular and testable code.

Writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Being up on latest practices is a must, e.g., HTML5, CSS3, and ECMAScript 6 (minimum)

Server management and deployment for the relevant environment

Familiarity with a relevant and globally supported framework—both front-end and back-end e.g., React, Angular, Express and Flask

Ideally, familiarity with CSS preprocessors, bundlers, and associated languages/syntaxes/libraries e.g., Sass, Less, and webpack

Experience implementing testing platforms and unit tests

Proficiency with Git version control

Experience working with AWS or GCP services is recommended.