We believe that you are not just an intellectual person who comes to the office, does some work and leaves the office everyday. Through effective communication, genuine intention and reasonably mature policies, we want to ensure that you become a part of our professional successes. GOD has given us an opportunity to spend time together, share our thoughts, help each other to become successful and also make an individual prosperous and happy. There is a zeal that every individual learns a lot when they become part of the Seaflux family. Our vision and our values drive us and push us to achieve something really big and you become part of that amazing journey.

Employee Speak

Saumya Shah

ML & Data Science enthusiast

Gruhit Patel

Full stack & cloud engineer

Shubham Gandhi

Full stack & cloud engineer

Purv Patel

Blockchain & ML enthusiast

Jehil Thakkar

Blockchain enthusiast