With the development of Web 3.0 undefinedInternal linkundefined, blockchain technology, and metaverse, you must have heard of concepts like digital assets and virtual products. However, have you ever wondered, how the ownership of a digital asset is provided?

Since the concept of digital ownership is new to the world, people are still reluctant to buy digital assets. At the same time, one can’t ignore the advantages that digital asset ownership has to offer. Therefore, it becomes important to define the authenticity of digital assets.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible-token, profoundly known as NFTs are non-interchangeable units of data stored on the blockchain. The data stored could be anything, photos, videos, audio, etc. NFTs make it easy to own and sell digital assets.

For someone new to this, it might be confusing to understand what it means.

Let’s make things clearer for you!

‘Non-fungible’ means that it can’t be replaced. Each token is unique and has an individual identification code. In simple words, a particular NFT is just one. It exists as one and only, and doesn’t have any replication.

Owning an NFT gives an ownership validation of a digital asset. It proves that a particular individual is the owner of the digital asset. NFTs are stored securely in digital wallets.

How are NFTs minted?

Isn’t it exciting that you can create your own NFTs, and trade them on the NFT marketplace!

The process by which NFTs are created is called NFT minting. With the help of minting, a digital asset is converted into a token.

  • Creating a cryptowallet: The user creates a new cryptowallet, to store the Ethereum. This stored amount is used to pay the gas fees that are associated with listing an NFT for sale. Gas fees are the cost associated with computing energy used to validate a transaction. Gas fees are comprised of mining and burning fees.
  • It’s important to note that, gas fees fluctuate based on the number of transactions.
  • Own some cryptocurrency: Buy some Ethereum, to pay for the gas fees.
  • Connect cryptowallet to NFT marketplace: User connects the crypto-wallet to an NFT marketplace. The authentication process must be completed with the help of a wallet.
  • List your art on the NFT marketplace for trade!

Once NFT minting is done and NFT is created, it is ready to trade on NFT marketplaces. There are primarily two ways to sell an NFT:

  • Fixed-price
  • Auction

Steps for Selling NFTs: Wallet Creation, Ethereum Purchase, Connecting the Marketplaces and Listing for Sale.

3D NFTs: The interactable NFTs

NFTs could be anything, photos, videos, audio sequences, and even 3D models. In simple terms, a 3D NFT is a 3D model created by a 3D artist, that is listed on an NFT marketplace for trading.

3D NFTs are a breakthrough in the NFT industry, as it provides digital asset owners, a chance to own interactable NFTs.

3D NFTs impact on NFT marketplace?

3D NFTs will have a significant impact on the growth of the NFT marketplace by integrating with gaming assets and metaverse building.

  • Blockchain based games have the potential to have a significant impact on the gaming industry.
  • In gaming, the avatars, characters, and much more can now be easily created as NFTs.
  • 3D NFTs will change the gaming experience by bringing a 3D experience to give a more visually engaging user experience.
  • Metaverse, the next internet hype, is fueled by 3D NFTs.

With the development of Web 3.0, which many people believe, is the new version of the internet, one thing is certain, ownership of digital assets will increase. People would want to own a part of the internet, they would want to own digital assets that are intangible.

NFTs will play a vital role in the authentication of those digital assets. It will be responsible for the originality of the digital assets, which thereby would give the users the confidence to buy those assets.

3D NFTs would give game enthusiasts and collectors, a chance to have interactable ownership of their favorite game avatars and characters, trade them and possibly make money out of them!

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