A person surrounded by tangled paths, symbolizing the complexity of multiple LLMs.

Ever find yourself lost in the complexity of multiple LLMs? Wondering how LiteLLM can bring clarity?

LiteLLM, which stands for "Lightweight Large Language Model Library," simplifies the use of advanced AI models. Think of it as a versatile tool that acts as a gateway to various state-of-the-art AI models. With LiteLLM, you can effortlessly tap into the capabilities of different AI models, regardless of their provider.

It serves as a unified interface, streamlining your interactions with these intelligent systems for tasks such as writing, comprehension, and image creation. LiteLLM collaborates with renowned providers like OpenAI, Azure, Cohere, and Hugging Face, offering a seamless experience in leveraging AI for your projects.

Now, let's delve into the features and benefits that LiteLLM brings to the table:

Key Features

LiteLLM offers essential features tailored to simplify your interaction with advanced AI models:

  • Supports multiple LLM providers - Interact seamlessly with a variety of providers such as OpenAI, Azure, Cohere, Hugging Face, and more, broadening your access to diverse model capabilities.
  • Unified API - Save time and effort by using a consistent code structure to call LLMs from different providers, reducing the learning curve and increasing efficiency.
  • Consistent output - Receive text responses in a standardized format, facilitating easy processing and integration of results across various LLMs.
  • Error handling and retries - Ensure continuity in your workflows with LiteLLM's automatic error handling and retry mechanism, switching to alternative providers if one fails to maintain robustness.
  • Streaming support - Improve efficiency for memory-intensive tasks by retrieving large model outputs in manageable chunks, optimizing performance and resource utilization.
  • Open-source and community-driven - Benefit from the transparency and ongoing development fostered by the open-source community, ensuring reliability, innovation, and community support.

Benefits of Using LiteLLM

LiteLLM offers numerous advantages that streamline your AI model interaction:

  • Reduced complexity - Focus on your tasks without being hindered by the complexities of different provider APIs, enhancing productivity and ease of use.
  • Increased flexibility - Experiment with various LLMs to discover the ideal match for your requirements, enabling adaptability and customization.
  • Improved efficiency - Save valuable time and effort with LiteLLM's uniform code structure and automated error handling, enhancing workflow efficiency and productivity.
  • Cost-effectiveness - Optimize costs by exploring different pricing models across providers, ensuring maximum value for your investment in AI technology.

Things to Consider

When using LiteLLM, keep these factors in mind to optimize your experience:

  • Individual API Keys - Remember that there's no single "LiteLLM key"; you'll require individual API keys from each LLM provider you utilize, ensuring secure and seamless integration.
  • Choose the right provider - Selecting the ideal provider is crucial. Consider factors such as model availability, accuracy, budget, and use case to ensure the best fit for your requirements, enhancing performance and effectiveness.

Technical knowledge - While LiteLLM aims for user-friendliness, understanding LLMs and APIs can help you make informed decisions and troubleshoot issues, boosting efficiency.

Each LLM provider has its own specific authentication mechanism and key type. Therefore, the key you need depends entirely on which LLM provider you're using with LiteLLM.


Key Type


Cohere API Key


OpenAPI Key


Azure Cognitive Services resource Key

Hugging Face

Hugging Face Hub API Token


Anthropic API Key


Ollama API Key


AWS IAM credentials


Replicate API Key

Comparison of Key Features among Popular LLM Providers






Strong text generation, user-friendly

Limited model selection, higher cost per API call

Pay-as-you-go and subscription plans


High accuracy, advanced models

Limited free tier, can be expensive for high usage

Pay-as-you-go and limited free tier


Wide model selection, integrates with other Azure services

Complex pricing structure, can be costly

Pay-as-you-go and subscription plans

Hugging Face

Open-source community, diverse models

Requires technical expertise, limited support

Free for community models, paid plans for enterprise options


High accuracy and performance

Limited model availability, closed access

Closed access, pricing information not publicly available.

LiteLLM supports multiple LLM providers

LiteLLM demonstrates its versatility by seamlessly working with various LLM providers, offering users a flexible and comprehensive language modeling experience.

from litellm import completion
import os

## set ENV variables
os.environ["OPENAI_API_KEY"] = "openai_api_key"

os.environ["COHERE_API_KEY"] = "cohere_api_key"

os.environ["HUGGINGFACE_API_KEY"] = "huggingface_api_key"

os.environ["ANTHROPIC_API_KEY"] = "anthropic_api-key"

os.environ["REPLICATE_API_KEY"] = "replicate key"

os.environ["AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID"] = ""
os.environ["AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"] = ""
os.environ["AWS_REGION_NAME"] = ""

os.environ["AZURE_API_KEY"] = ""
os.environ["AZURE_API_BASE"] = ""
os.environ["AZURE_API_VERSION"] = ""

messages =[{"content":"Capital of Australia?", "role":"user"}]

# openai call
response = completion(model="gpt-3.5-turbo", messages=messages)
print('response of openai -',response["choices"][0]['message']['content'])

# cohere call
response = completion("command-nightly", messages)
print('response of cohere - ',response['choices'][0]['message']['content'])

# hugging face call
response = completion(

# Ollama call
response = completion(

# Anthropic call
response = completion(model="claude-instant-1", messages=messages)

# replicate call
response = completion(
   messages = messages)

# Aws Sagemaker call
response = completion(          model="sagemaker/jumpstart-dft-meta-textgeneration-llama-2-7b",

# Azure call
response = completion(
   model = "azure/undefinedyour_deployment_nameundefined",
   messages = messages)

End Note

In conclusion, LiteLLM emerges as a versatile solution for simplifying interactions with a variety of large language models (LLMs). Its unified interface and robust features streamline access to advanced AI capabilities from leading providers such as OpenAI, Azure, Cohere, Hugging Face, and Anthropic.

LiteLLM empowers users to navigate the complexities of AI model integration with ease, enhancing efficiency and flexibility in leveraging these powerful tools. With LiteLLM, users can seamlessly harness the capabilities of different LLMs without needing to learn individual APIs, making it easier to focus on tasks and drive innovation in various domains.

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Director of Engineering

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