Your project is operating on the cloud, billing a hefty amount. Is this something familiar to your organization? It simply means that you don't know what you don't know and need a cloud partner for your workloads. They would monitor and simplify your workloads to find the root cause of the hefty money you have been charged.

Let's explore what is cloud consulting, the types of cloud partners, and reasons to partner up with a cloud consultant for all your cloud needs.

What is Cloud Consulting?

Build, Operate, Manage, Maintain! An organization leverages a cloud consultant to build, operate, manage, and maintain the organization's cloud environment at its optimum capacity for business growth, security, innovation, and operational efficiency.

A cloud partner would provide the following services:

  • Cloud migration for Scaling Businesses
  • Cloud automation
  • Better cloud security
  • Deploy disaster recovery and fault-tolerant infrastructure
  • Developing cloud-native applications
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Any other cloud requirements

Types of Cloud Partnership

There are 3 types of cloud partnerships for public cloud vendors:



Managed Service Provider(MSP)

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Seaflux can work as a consultant or an MSP for your organization, feel free to reach out for your latest projects.

5 Reasons you must have a Cloud partner

An affordable option to get a dedicated cloud team

To maintain and manage the cloud workloads, you need a knowledgeable cloud team. However, owning a cloud team in-house is an expensive as well as time consuming task.

A cloud consultant is your in-house team that does not come under your payroll but understands your cloud infrastructure just like an in-house team would and has dedicated professionals working for you and the organization's goals. A cloud consultant has plenty of experience in each and every domain of the cloud. For example, at Seaflux, our professionals have plenty of experience in AWS services with AWS-certified professionals. You name it and our professionals are able to provide a solution. This way the clients can relax as they need not worry about any extra workload that was not under the project scope, the cloud consultants can handle it.

Scalable cloud services as per requirement

Every year, during the black Friday sale, the visitors to an e-commerce site are off the charts. This needs a scalable solution which can happen if your team is scalable. You cannot hire a grand team for the whole year when the workload is not at par with the holiday season.

Now with the consultants in place, you need not incur the cost rest of the year. Just scale your team when you have the most workload.

Updated with the latest stack

Cloud consultants have their core competency in the cloud and they keep learning and updating their knowledge with the latest projects and newer technologies that come in the market. Every cloud service provider releases a new update from time to time to improve their cloud experience. The cloud consultants keep these tabs and their professionals are kept updated with the latest releases in their own forte. For example, at Seaflux, we have AWS experts in each domain, who keep themselves updated with the latest AWS certification and training released in their core competence. A client cannot remain updated on all the releases by a cloud provider, and that's where a cloud consultant plays the important role of providing the best solution according to the latest cloud standards and principles.

Save cost on unnecessary spending

An on-premise infrastructure will cost you plenty of money and resources to keep it up and running, and thus moving to the cloud is the best strategy. This is true until you are able to manage the cloud infrastructure rigorously and with total expertise. Maintaining the cloud infrastructure is a tricky part for someone who is not an expert in the cloud, and even the slightest overlook can cause a hefty amount. This is where the cloud consultants would help you with cloud cost optimization. Whether you want to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud or need to manage an existing cloud infrastructure, the cloud consultants have their cloud cost optimization experts at your disposal to save you that unnecessary cost due to unwanted EC2 operating without you knowing.

Take off your workload

Let's say you have the expertise of the cloud and you don't get intimidated by the idea of managing your organization's cloud environment. This may not be entirely feasible for you as you have other managerial tasks involved for your organization to operate smoothly. A cloud partner, who knows your business, would take off your cloud workload so that you can focus on what your organization needs are and help achieve the goals.

Your cloud partner will stick with you for years just like an internal cloud team and interact regularly to update your cloud environment. At Sealfux, we have a strict policy to update the clients at regular intervals (suitable to them) and provide prompt responses to their queries.

End Note

A cloud partner is the best thing for an organization that wants to grow without worrying about their cloud environment. You can decide what type of cloud consulting you need and choose a consultant or an MSP, whichever works best for you and your organization. We hope the 5 reasons are sufficient to realize the importance of a cloud partner's role for any organization.

We at Seaflux are your dedicated partners in the ever-evolving landscape of Cloud Computing. Whether you're contemplating a seamless cloud migration, exploring the possibilities of Kubernetes deployment, or harnessing the power of AWS serverless architecture, Seaflux is here to lead the way.

Have specific questions or ambitious projects in mind? Let's discuss! Schedule a meeting with us here, and let Seaflux be your trusted companion in unlocking the potential of cloud innovation. Your journey to a more agile and scalable future starts with us.

Jay Mehta - Director of Engineering
Jay Mehta

Director of Engineering

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