AI & ML driven exponential growth. Our solutions enhance customer experience & facilitate informed decisions with cognitive abilities

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become indispensable tools for businesses looking to remain competitive and experience remarkable growth. Leveraging these technologies provides companies with a significant competitive edge by improving customer experiences and making informed decisions. We revolutionize businesses with our cutting-edge AI and enterprise voicebot & chatbot solutions.

Discover the enormous potential of chatbot solutions to streamline interactions, spark intelligent dialogues, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Join with us as a reliable chatbot solution provider to reap AI's advantages for your business growth.

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Seaflux's AI & Machine Learning Solutions for enhancing customer experiences and informed decision-making.
Seaflux's AI & Machine Learning Expertise: Scikit Learn, PyCaret, TensorFlow, Deep Learning, NLP, Pytorch, and Python.

Our Expertise

Seaflux takes pride in its team of highly trained and experienced AI & ML professionals who possess extensive knowledge of the latest machine learning technologies and frameworks. With expertise in Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Chat Bot, Natural Language Processing, Intelligent Image Recognition, Business Predictive Intelligence, and Video Analytics, we are well-equipped to excel in various areas of AI and Machine Learning. Our AI & Machine Learning experts have successfully developed the LLM models like (GPT-3, LLaMA), where they use customer data to train the Large Language Model for providing the answers to the user’s questions from the database.

We provide end-to-end support for ML models, covering the entire lifecycle. Our services encompass building and creating ML models, training them with qualitative and quantitative data, evaluating model validity, and deploying the ML models efficiently. Whether you require voicebot solutions for food ordering, AI solutions in healthcare, or AI solutions for business, our team is dedicated to delivering customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Choose Seaflux as your trusted partner for exceptional AI and ML expertise. Our commitment to excellence and industry-leading knowledge ensure that we deliver top-notch AI solutions that drive innovation and success for your organization. Contact us today to explore how our chatbot and AI solutions can empower your business.

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Where can Seaflux help you for your next AI and Machine Learning requirements?

Natural Language Processing: Expert NLP services for audio and text formats.
Image Recognition: Expertise in image analysis using frameworks like OpenCV, TensorFlow, and more.
Business Predictive Intelligence: Providing valuable business predictions for informed decision-making.
Deep Learning: Algorithm selection, tuning, and training for robust machine learning models.

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Highly skilled and certified engineers
10+ Machine Learning applications delivered
Excellent Support and Maintenance post deployment for fine tuning and training models

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