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Who we are

Seaflux is an alliance of software architects, designers, developers, testers and implementers. Seaflux, a global technology company, helps enterprises in building their visionary products and solutions. We claim that we are one stop solution when it comes to enterprise digital needs. We are committed to deliver a solution in very advanced technology areas.

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About Seaflux

AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning is a fast growing technology that accelerates business operations for scalability, adaptability and performance.

Seaflux's AI & Machine Learning architects can help you in any of the following areas: Build Cloud Powered Recommendation engine for various purposes, Perform Predictive Analytics, Video and Text Analytics, Image Recognition and Human Emotion Analysis.

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Intelligent email automation using NLP and ML
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Blockchain based electronic safe deposit box for life’s vital information
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Machine Learning driven smart mobile app to record inspection data
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eCommerce is made easy with this mobile app powered by Data Science and Machine Learning
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Get the most from your company’s expense budget with predictive analytics
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Agripreneur at GauNeeti

Amrut dairy farm is well known for Gir Cows and A2 Milk. Our consumers are apprehensive about the product by the time it reaches their hand. To build high trust in consumers’ minds, we look for technological solutions and consult Seaflux.

Seaflux comes up with a real time solution using Blockchain and IoT. As part of continuous process improvement, we continue engaging the Seaflux team and they are prompt and ready to understand complex business processes and its challenges and always proactive in providing technical solutions. We are proud to have the right technology partners with us and we are sure that our partnership will keep growing.

CEO at CloudStella

I was looking for a trusted technology partner who could align with my product idea on expense management system(EMS). This is the system that enterprises use to manage their expenses. I have never thought of making it smart using technologies like Machine Learning and Data Science.

Seaflux team helps me to visualize how enterprises can possibly use this system to make important decisions while making a budget. Applying data science on large scale data and giving insights to make decisions like what cost is important to spend and what cost to be cut. System also provides forecasting of the expenses with the pattern of spending budget. I am very happy with such an intellectual team and I wish them great success.