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Transform your customer service with the powerful WhatsApp Business API, leveraging a custom WhatsApp digital assistant to deliver exceptional support and care.

Client Profile

The client is one of the most renowned Software as a Service (SaaS) providers operating in the Middle East.


  1. The client wanted a solution for independent business owners who can communicate with their customers and provide prompt responses to queries without any lag time.
  2. The client wanted to avoid simultaneous discussions for the customer queries to avoid confusion between both parties.
  3. The owners should have access to assign any customer to the concerned service person to handle their queries. The status of each raised query should be notified to the admin user, who manages the staff.
  4. The client wanted to establish transparent standards for customer service.
Process diagram of WhatsApp-powered chatbot and customer service portals, delivering efficient and personalized business support


  1. Seaflux developed a web portal that allows users to provide a solution to the queries of their customers. Level 1 queries can automatically be solved with the help of the chatbot. If the raised ticket has higher complexity, it can be redirected to the service person. The customers are assigned the concerned service person based on the category of the raised ticket.
  2. Seaflux integrated WhatsApp for business with the portal, where the businesses would register with their business WhatsApp number to communicate with their customers. The customers can raise the ticket using their regular WhatsApp for their query by sending their problem in the mentioned format.
  3. The chat feature is provided on the portal to minimize the communication gap between the customer and the service person.
  4. Customers can directly raise tickets and communicate from WhatsApp, making it very convenient and secure. 
  5. The portal has a role-based access model. This allows individual portal users to perform their concerned tasks. For instance, a manager has the access to assign the concerned service person to the customer for the respective ticket through the chat service.
  6. The dashboard provides reports on the number and types of tickets, their response time, and the time taken to close the ticket. This will help the managers and business owners to optimize their overall process and provide a better solution.
  7. An additional feature has been added to the portal, to publish newsletters about the latest news, important announcements, and special offers. The users can use a predefined template or make their own to send the newsletters at their convenience.

Key Benefits

  1. WhatsApp integration made it easier to raise a ticket and communicate with the service person. It is more user-friendly for clients as, with a single portal, it can manage several tickets and provide better service. This resulted in more than 1000 individual businesses adopting the portal in the 1st quarter.
  2. The issue-resolved rate of the businesses increased by 41% due to end-to-end communication between the customer and the service person.
  3. Chatbot implementation increased the productivity of the customer support service persons of multiple businesses in the range of 45% to 70%, as they had to handle only complex issues. This helped them to save costs of operation by thousands of dollars in the first quarter itself.

Used technologies

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